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My name is Josef Kirchner and this is my personal website where you can learn all about me-- my past, my present, my thoughts about the future. I appreciate that I've had the honor of getting to live a very unique life and I want to share it with you. I hope you find things in my website that are both enlightening and educational.

More than likely you have come to my personal website because you learned of me from somewhere else. If you simply Google my name on the Internet you will come up with all kinds of wild stories about me, and a lot of misinformation.  Better to get your information from the source, wouldn't you agree? 

In this incarnation, I was born intersexed with a XY/XO male Mosaic chromosome pattern (and also multi-racial). I didn't uncover my intersex secret till I was 40 years old, so that means the earlier part of my journey is like the history of a transsexual. 

Until age 40 I'd thought I was your garden variety MTF transgender until I found out my first Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) was performed as a baby to change me (or polarize me) from intersexed to what appeared to be a normal male. The opening of a partial vagina was fused to create a scrotum and undescended testicles were brought down, one being removed as it was an ovotestis. My genitourinary system through the penis was intact and the only surgery on my normal, yet smalller penis, was circumcision until the age of 24 when I had MTF SRS (penile inversion technique). 

I don't have anger towards my parents for their decision that they felt was for my good to lead a more normal life as a male without having any knowledge of my birth condition. It really wasn't their decision to make however because none of the surgery done to me as a baby was considered life-saving. 

I began seeing the therapist at age 17, started MTF transition, and completed that transition fully at age 24. At age 40 my transition continued, but this time following the same path as the Female to Male (FTM) transsexual, and today, I am legally female, yet my outward appearance is of an extra masculine, muscular, and bearded male.  As most of my life I lived as female, I have really been able to identify with the FTM journey, albeit I am intersex.  Sometimes I refer to my self as a MTFTM Intersexual. At the culmination of all this gender stuff I realize I am a soul having a human body experience and the soul has no sex or gender. I believe a lot of what is called the transgender movement today is really a consciousness movement with non-gender conforming people leading the path for the human race to evolve without racism and sexism.

Around the world, thousands of babies are born with intersexed conditions every year.  Most never know they were altered as babies, as I didn't until I was 40 years old. Others are aware and live in shame with their birth secret.  No person should be ashamed of how they came into this world.The intersexual certainly make a mockery of mankind's binary sex rule of male or female only. If people knew how all human's start life as female in the womb, and then either remain on that path or differentiate to male at 6-8 weeks they might not get so weirded out about homosexual men, realizing that all males basically go through a sex change in the womb at 6-8 weeks.

I'm sure you have a lot of burning questions about my life, body, and motivations.  For this cause I created a Frequently Asked Questions page and am writing my condensed Memoir online as time permits that is free for all to read.  I may publish a more fully detailed memoir one day.  

Thanks for visiting.  

Josef Kirchner